Stall/Stahl Family History Gallery
Historic Photographs & Documents of the Stall/Stahl Family

Photograph taken in 1911 by John Franklin Stall.  This is his home in Withrow, WA where Alvin J. Stall & Lester B. Stall were born.

Odd Fellows Membership Certificate (Withrow, WA) for John Franklin Stall. Dated Jan. 7, 1911.

Photograph of Withrow, WA dated 1913.

Back of 1913 photograph of Withrow, WA, with description and family history in Withrow.

A 1914 newspaper advertisement from the Withrow Banner [WA] for O.K. Livery and Feed Barn (a business owned and operated by John Franklin Stall).

Alvin John Stall and his father John Franklin Stall.  Taken in 1913 at Waterville, WA.

John Franklin Stall
b. 14-AUG-1879

Copy of Family Bible page that recorded births.

Copy of Family Bible page that recorded marriages.

Copy of Family Bible page that recorded deaths.

[right] Daniel Stahl {Stall} b: 1819
d: 24-Oct-1903 Adams, Coshocton Co., OH at death age est. 84
[left] Mary A. Endlich {Entleich} Stahl
b: 1845 OH
m: 22-Mar-1864 Coshocton Co., OH
d: 1911

[right] Elizabeth Stall {Stahl} Swigert
b: 1822 OH
d: 1913 at age est. 91
[left] Henry Swigert
m: 04-Mar-1852 Coshocton Co, OH 
(circa 1860)

Robert N. Stall
b: 28-Mar-1842 Coshocton, Coshocton Co, OH
Father: John Stall
(b: 03-Nov-1816 Coshocton Co., OH
d: 01-Oct-1884 Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE)

"A picture that was in great granddad's desk.  I don't know who it is. He was an assistant surgeon from the uniform and sword.  I really want to know who this is. Does he fit any of your line. Being in the medical profession should be a clue. He is not part of Daniel Stall's, Elizabeth Stahl Swigert, Susanna Stall Barrick/Kimble, William Stahl jr.'s line. Or Catherine Hay. Samuel and David are too young to have a son old enough for the Civil war and It would be pushing it for Anthony's oldest child to be old enough. So I assume he is part of John Stall's offspring. Can you help on this? Thanks"  ... Larry Stahl

Death certificate for Byron Stall
d. 24-JUN-1971

In the first row is Daniel Stall, brother to Anthony, (1819 - 1903);
Elizabeth Stahl
(1883 - 1973);
Mary Endlich Stall
(1844 - 1911)
Back row: John H. Stahl, (1881 - 1957);
D.Edward Stahl
(1876 - 1972);
William J. Stahl
(1879 - 1960's).
Picture taken about 1900.

(circa 1880)

Taken in 1910. Shows three brothers, one sister and an in-law. The first on the left is either Samuel or David Stahl, next is Mary Stahl, widow of Daniel who died in 1903, then William Stall/Stahl Jr., then Elizabeth Stall Swigert, then either David or Samuel Stall.
A newspaper article said David lived in California and Samuel lived in Oklahoma. Elizabeth Stall Swigert died in 1922 aged 98. Her obit. said only Samuel Stall was still living at the time.

[left] Samuel Stall
b: 1833 OH (married Sarah Garrat) 
[right] David Delmar Stall b: 14-Mar-1836 Knox Co., OH d: 20-Nov-1930 CA at age 94 (married Elizabeth B. Bechtel b: 14-Jun-1834 Tuscarawas Co., OH m: 02-Jun-1861 d: 30-Sep-1909 at age 75) (2nd Wife: Charlorre Elizabeth Hinds b: 09-Aug-1911 Newcastle, NE m: 24-Jun-1937 Valentine, Cherry Co., NE d: 04-Jan-1980 Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff Co., NE at age 68 Buried: 07-Jan-1980 Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff Co., NE) 

While unconfirmed, this is believed to be photographs of:
[left] Susannah Stall Kimbal {Kimble}
b: 1824 OH
d: 1900 at age est. 76
[right] Joe Kimbal {Kimble}

Susannah Ax King
b: 03-Oct-1853 Coshocton Co., OH
d: Aft 1876 Bennet, Lancaster Co., NE Age at death: 22 est.
m: 28-Mar-1875
John King
Daughter of William W. Ax and Lucinda Jane Stall Ax

Jennie wife of
Alfred L. Stall
Alfred L.
1868 - 1936

Lottie L. Stall 1885 - 1972
Byron Stall 1882 - 1971

Darrell B. Stall
Pvt US Army WWII
Jul 19, 1908- Aug 12, 1988

David D. Stall
Sgt 445 Res Labor Bn
World War I
Jan 16, 1891 - Apr 14, 1953

Nellie Stall
Mar 17, 1879
Sept 16, 1959

Remona S.
July 25, 1910
Jan 20, 1998
Vesta L.
June 17, 1904
July 17, 1967

Henry Stall
1903 - 1911

Alvin John Stall
b. 11-OCT-1911

Daniel Morgan Stall
b. 29-JUL-1882

Hugh Stall

John Franklin Stall
b. 14-AUG-1879

George Carl Stall

Mae Stall Ferwerda-Sweeney

Albert T. Stall

Barbara Hermanson Stall Stevens

Lena Stall Durley

John T. Stall
Son of Barbara Hermanson Stall Stevens

This picture was taken in 1888 and shows the first Stahl school. This burnt in 1888 or 1889. Only eleven people are identified on this picture: 1. Jim Swiget, 2. Lewis Dreher, 5. Albert Stilgenbaurer, 6. George Swigert, 7. Lou Stillengbaurer, 9. Dan Dreher, 10. Emily Stilgenbaurer, 13. A.C.Miller, teacher, 33. D. Edward Stahl, 34. William J. Stahl, 35. John H. Stahl

Florence,Chester, Harry are children of John Stahl; Lucille daughter of Ed Stahl.

John Stahl, left;
Will Stahl, center;
Ed Stahl, right
(about 1882)

Ed Stahl, left;
Will Stahl, center rear; Elizabeth Stahl, front;
John Stahl, right
(about 1886)

In 1876 Dan Stahl built the house that still stands on the home farm in Adams Township. This land is currently owned by Vernon Stahl, Dan's great-grandson.

This is a page of the township records when Dan Stall was treasurer. Notice he paid his brother John Stall who was trustee at the time (1861)

This is Catherine Hay's stone in the Patterson Cemetery at Homer Illinois.

This is William (1844-1865) Hay's tombstone in the Patterson Cemetery at Homer Illinois.

This is the gravestone of John C. Hay and his second wife in the Homer Illinois Cemetery.

In the front row, first stone on left is a child of John C. Hay and his second wife, next is the stone of the two twin infant boys, then Catherine Stall Hay, then William Hay on the right. Patterson Cemetery, near Homer Illinois.

Mr. Bender is the first man from the left, just to the left of porch post behind child on woman's knee. The last five in the second row are David Stall, Samuel Stall, William Stahl Jr., Elizabeth Stall Swigert and Mary A.Stahl, widow of Daniel Stahl. It's interesting that in this picture, starting with David Stall, the siblings are in order of birth, David the youngest, Mary the widow of the oldest in this lineup. David would have been about 74, Sam 76, William Jr. 82, Elizabeth 86, Mary 66. I don't know who the old man to the left of David Stall is, probably a Rinehart or Swigert as this was taken at Swigert's home. The man behind David and Sam is E.A. Swigert.

Cyrus Stahl, born March 12, 1860

Mary Stahl married Eliashia A. Swigert in 1892. They had two children Bryce C. Swigert and Edith Swigert. This was taken in August of 1904.

On March 4, 1852 Elizabeth Stahl married Henry Swigert. He was born September 29, 1820 and died November 9, 1906. Both are buried at Chili, Ohio.

This was taken shortly before Henry Swigert died.